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Rental Finance

Rental is the obvious choice for funding your new technology requirements.


  • Firstly there is no capital outlay up front and no residual obligation at the end of term
  • You have Flexibility and the ability to upgrade during or at end of term
  • At the end of term you may also extend the rental period, offer to purchase or simply hand back
  • You can bundle all the equipment & software into one simple monthly payment
  • A rental contract is a simple monthly payment just like your rent

Rental affords you the benefit of using the equipment without the risks and overheads of ownership.

Why DDF?

Many manufacturers have “in-house” or “captive” rental companies.

By using DDF, we are Vendor independent leaving you to negotiate the best deal on the equipment with the supplier.

DDF do all the paperwork and arranging on your behalf and take the hassles out of your equipment procurement.

What Equipment can be rented?

Most office equipment can be obtained via a rental agreement including:

  • Computers and IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Office furniture
  • Point of Sale

DDF welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your Rental Finance needs now and into the future.

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